eMind Simulation and Tutorial Software
Created by teachers for teachers, this completely interactive series contains five virtual dissections, a genetics fruit fly lab and a microscope simulation. The series includes eMind Fish, eMind Frog, eMind Fly, eMind Pig, eMind Cat, eMind Invertebrate, and eMind Animalcules.
Each of the simulations is an interactive, virtual dissection, genetics lab with inquiry based mini labs. Each lesson continually asks students questions about the material to ensure full understanding of the topic. Supplemental teaching materials such as crossword puzzles, student worksheets, and printed tests and quizzes are included with each simulation.
  eMind Fish includes the investigation and dissection of three fish, the lamprey, the dogfish and the yellow perch. Each fish is presented in: external, head, and internal views. A comparison section compares and contrasts the features of these three types of fish. Three MiniLabs allow students to investigate respiratory rate, capillary flow and dissolved oxygen levels. Demo
  eMind Frog is an in depth study of the anatomy and physiology of the frog. Students will investigate the external features, mouth features, respiratory, reproductive, and skeletal systems. Four MiniLabs allow students to inquire about: breathing rate, the alimentary canal, heart rate, and muscle contraction. Demo
  eMind Fly is an interactive tutorial that teaches the fundamentals of genetics. Students will investigate F1, F2, Sex-linked, and dihybrid crosses using virtual fruit flies. Each investigation includes pre-lab instruction, thorough open-ended lab simulation, and post-lab reinforcement. Also included is the Fly Breeder, an open-ended activity that allows students to analyzing up to 26 different physical characteristics. Students will apply what they have learned to determine the pattern of inheritance of each trait. Demo
  eMind Pig is an in depth study of the anatomy and physiology of the fetal pig. Students will dissect the digestive, respiratory, urogenital, endocrine, and skeletal systems. Each system includes an Extension that elaborates on a specific area of that system. Two MiniLabs allow students to inquire about: how exercise affects carbon dioxide levels and how the heart rate recovers after exercise. Demo
  eMind Cat is an in depth study of the anatomy and physiology of the cat. Comparisons between human and cat anatomy are present throughout the program. Students will thoroughly investigate the cat's skeletal system, musculature, and three organ systems. The musculature includes: shoulder, trunk, pectoral, and pelvic views. The organ systems included are the digestive, cardiorespiratory, and urogenital. Demo
  eMind Invertebrate provides an in depth study of four common invertebrates. Students will observe and dissect three views of the squid, earthworm, crayfish, and sea star. A comparisons section allows students to compare and contrast the major systems of each of the four invertebrates. Also included is a survey of over twenty other invertebrates. Demo
  eMind Animalcules and Other Cells is an open-ended microscope simulation that allows students to explore various cell types by viewing pictures and movies. Five different kingdoms are represented as well as cellular processes such as cytoplasmic steaming and phagocytosis. Three labs: Basic Cell Structure, The Movement and Feeding of Common Protists, and the Bacteria Lab are included. NOW FREE! Demo
eMind Biology is a series of interactive tutorials designed to reinforce the content and major concepts presented in a typical high school biology course. These lessons are highly interactive and adaptive. Users progress through each unit at their own pace and are directed forward through the lesson or back to review based on their responses to questions. The follow sixteen units are included: Biomolecules, Cells and Organelles, Membranes and Transport, Chromosomes and Mitosis, Meiosis, Genetics and Patterns of Inheritance, DNA Basics, DNA Technology, Evolution, Classification, Bacteria and Viruses, Protists and Fungi, Plants, Animals-The Invertebrates, Animals-The Vertebrates and Ecology.More Info...
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