Expandable Mind Software

Designed by teachers for teachers

This highly interactive and adaptive suite of simulations and tutorials is optimized to increase student achievement. The lessons engage students while providing the needed foundation to enhance understanding and improve test scores.


Use eMind software at school, home, or anywhere you have an internet connection. The software license allows users to log in from any location or on any device. All items are tablet ready.

NGSS Aligned

Our software is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards wherever applicable. eMind Alignment Chart

Interactive and Adaptive

Students progress through the Simulations and Tutorials at their own pace. The tutorials direct students back to review a section if they can't demonstrate their understanding of that section. Detailed illustrations, pictures, animations, and movies present information in ways that aren't possible by textbooks.

Monitor Student Success

Student progress and performance can be monitored using the Teacher Dashboard. You can create student accounts, add assignments, view scores, and much more. Manage your students from your computer or any mobile device.
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